Mountain Inn Sports
Mountain Inn Sports
Mountain Inn Sports

The truely asia brand. Made with passion and always commit quality.

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  • Flysheet: 190T polyester PU 2000mm  
  • Inner: 190T polyester B/R & W/R 
  • Mesh: B3 no-see-um  
  • Floor: 190Tpolyester PU 3000mm  
  • Footprint: 190T polyester PU 3000mm  
  • Flysheet: 190T polyester PU 2000mm 
  • Inner: B3 no-see-um mesh 
  • Floor: 190Tpolyester PU 3000mm 
  • Pole: aluminium D7.9mm *2pcs 
  • Flysheet: 190T polyester PU 2000mm  
  • Inner: B3 no-see-um mesh  
  • Floor: polyethlene waterproof  
  • Pole: Fiberglass D8.5mm *2pcs & D7.9mm *1pc  
  • INNER 190T polyester B/R & W/R 
  • MESH B3 no-see-um 
  • FLOOR Polyethlene waterproof 
  • POLE Fiberglass D8.5mm *3pcs 
  •  FLYSHEET 190T polyester PU 2000mm 
  •  INNER 190T polyester B/R & W/R 
  •  MESH B3 no-see-um 
  • big and spacious - able to stand up inside
  • well ventilated with 2 windows
  • full mesh inner tent layer prevents mosquitos or bugs from flying in
  • able to create a small awning (front door) - poles are sold separately
  • easy to set up
  • compact & lightweight for easy transporting
  • mosquito mesh prevents any mosquitos or bugs from flying in
  • comes with 2 straps at the bottom to buckle up on your camp bed for added stability
  • velcro straps at the corners to attach to the camp bed
  • small hook at the center to hang your lantern
  • small pocket to put items
  • big & spacious
  • removable accesories - able to set up the tent according to your preference
  • no-see-um mesh netting prevents bugs & mosquitos from flying in (when closed up)
  • a small ring in the centre - can hang lantern
  • perfect shade from the sun or protection from rain